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Instantmiso and Sachiin Collab Commissions


How does our collab process work? Let us show you!:

miso sketches-> sach lines-> sach bases-> miso shades

Fbsample1 by OTPotato Fbsample2 by OTPotato Fbsample3 by OTPotato Fullbody Sample by OTPotato

*Exception: Chibis will be done in the order miso->sach->miso->sach

Commission Samples:

Chibi Sample:
Chibi Sample by OTPotato
$20.00 (per chara)

Half Body Sample:
Half Body Sample by OTPotato
$30.00 (per chara)

Full Body Sample:
Fullbody Sample by OTPotato
$40.00 (per chara)

What we CAN DO:

• OCs
• fan art
• couples
• shounen/shoujo ai
• 3 character limit per commission

What we WONT DO:

• mecha
• furries
• nudity/ sexually explicit themes
• gore
• hentai/yaoi/yuri

Payment Info:

  • We accept payments through Paypal only (please exclude fee from commission price. To calculate please refer to this:… )

  • All payments must be in USD

Interested in commissioning us? Here’s what you do! (PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED BELOW):

Send us a note (or simply click the ‘order’ button at the top of this journal) titled with the subject “Commission”

In your note, please include the following:

Commission: [chibi, half body, full body]
Number of characters: (maximum 3)
Additional information/requests:
Your paypal email address:

Here’s what we will do!

We will respond to you if we accept your commission (We have the right to decline a commission if we don’t feel comfortable with your request)

In that same response, We will tell you the total price of the commission

We will start on the commission once you have sent your payment via paypal

We will try to finish the commission as soon as possible. If you would like to give us a deadline, that’s totally negotiable too!

When the commission is complete, we will notify you and submit the .jpg picture to our gallery. (If you just want us to send it to you privately, just specify so in your note)

If you want a specific background it will cost extra depending on your request, otherwise we’ll leave the background white/plain color. If your character has a lot of details/accessories, we may have to charge extra as well. We will open a maximum of 5 SLOTS, but commissions will be closed once those are full. Based on how fast we can finish, we will reopen slots again.

Price Info:


  • $20.00 (per chara)


  • $30.00 (per chara)


  • $40.00 (per chara)

Additional Charges:

  • detailed characters ($5 - $10)

  • backgrounds ($10 - $15)

1. PrettyPirouette completed

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